Robert Pearson Bio Headshot
Robert D. Pearson, CRPC Managing Director Senior Vice President, Wealth Management

I am the son of serial entrepreneurs. My parents built one of the first car washes in Dallas in 1969, farmed and ran cattle in East Texas, and owned a golf driving range, among other pursuits. To say the least, my family understands hard work.

I found my purpose as an advisor when my parents retired and moved to their ranch in East Texas. My father’s lifelong dream had always been to move to his ranch, run his cows, and drink a cup of Folger’s coffee every morning on his back porch.

Unfortunately, only a few years after retirement he had a stroke, and the dream was effectively over for both him and my mom. My parents could and should have started their dream earlier. They had the resources. However, they didn’t have the clarity and confidence in their future to do so.

My goal ever since has been to help families realize and achieve more than they thought was possible today, not tomorrow. Through our proactive planning team, we want to provide you with more clarity and capability than you had before to provide you with confidence in your financial tomorrow.

For the past 20 years, I have served families in both the DFW area and throughout the country. I am a proud graduate of The College of Business at Kansas State University and recently, in my pursuit of life-long learning, I completed the certificate program in financial planning at Northwestern University School of Professional Studies and am a Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor.

My living for today includes spending time at my ranch hunting, fishing, and working in my pecan orchard with my wife, three children, and our German Shepherd.