Many distinctions make the difference

Finding the right financial advisor to serve as your trusted partner is essential for your financial independence and well-being. These are the distinctions I believe set me apart and make me stand out from the average industry advisors.

My mission and values

My mission is to help the individuals and families I serve build a legacy of wealth and create the future they envision through a comprehensive approach to financial planning. Caring for my clients in a highly personal and attentive manner, I always look out for their best interest, putting their needs first, offering them the services, strategies and guidance to help them pursue their goals and achieve financial well-being – that is what drives me on a daily basis.

Client relationships that feel more like family

I treat each client as a member of my own family. When I meet to discuss your investment portfolios, the conversations often center around their personal lives. For many of my client relationships, I serve generations of the same family.

A holistic planning approach that goes beyond just investments

I go beyond just managing my clients’ investment portfolios to provide holistic financial planning advice that encompasses all of their financial matters, such as retirement planning, estate planning, college planning for their children or grandchildren, philanthropic giving, managing debt and cash flow, lending and providing advice on any major purchase.

A custom process for prioritizing and pursuing goals

I work with each client to prioritize and pursue their important life goals. Goal Planning & Monitoring is proprietary planning software from Raymond James that can help align financial decisions with your vision of retirement and other highly personalized goals. This powerful resource, used in conjunction with our deep planning experience, helps us ensure that your goals and our strategy for pursuing them are well-defined.

Integrity and discipline

Julie Sevelius went into the United States Military Academy and served as an officer in the U.S. Army and understands the importance of maintaining integrity in her relationships with her clients and the utmost discipline in the way she manages her practice. It is these qualities that have allowed her to earn and maintain a high level of loyalty and trust among her clients while successfully meeting their goals.

Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.

– Tony Robbins