Our process for working toward your goals

The structured process I follow is designed to help you prioritize and pursue the goals in life that are important in your life, and to enable me to customize a financial plan and strategy for moving forward.

Understanding you and identifying your goals

First, I’ll help you define your personal life goals, current financial situation, investment experience and risk tolerance. I’ll also make you aware of my capabilities and explain the services I offer that can help you meet your objectives.

Prioritize and stress-test your goals

I’ll listen carefully to prioritize the goals you have defined. Using Goal Planning & Monitoring software, I’ll identify and enter your goals to assess appropriate asset allocation targets, spending or savings rates, help align financial decisions with your vision of retirement and other highly personalized goals – and then share and review the results with you.

Design your financial plan

Next, I will analyze all the information that has been shared and gathered to design your plan. This step may include collaborating with your other professional advisors such as your accountant and lawyer. I present my recommendations to you, answer your questions, consider alternatives and outline the steps we need to take to implement your plan.

Implement your plan and portfolio

With your approval, I will execute your customized strategy using the extensive research and resources available to us through Raymond James. This involves the selection of specific account types, investment products and optional services, and the handling of all necessary paperwork.

Manage, monitor and make recommendations

I put a lot of time and effort not only in creating and implementing each plan, but in regularly reassessing each portfolio to help ensure that it still reflects your goals and that you are on track to meet your objectives. Time and circumstances will change and I will guide you through these changes. I accomplish this by providing ongoing reporting of your account activity and by conducting periodic reviews. A key to this step is your involvement and communication of any significant changes in your life.

Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.

– Tony Robbins