Nick Roeschley
Nick Roeschley First Vice President, Investments

There was really no question Nick would spend his life working with numbers. During his childhood in Illinois, he had relatives who were accountants. While in high school, he interned in the afternoons at the Morgan Stanley Phoenix office with his now partner Andy Siegel. He was hired his senior year of college and was a Financial Advisor there for eleven years.

Finance is a great fit for a numbers guy like Nick. He loves the technical aspect, studying balance sheets, income statements and cash flow. The ability to look at hypothetical scenarios and calculate the differences between combinations of investments helps him give what he feels is the best possible advice to clients.

Nick spends a great deal of time putting investment plans together and implementing strategy. He is dedicated to helping clients meet their financial needs by developing investment plans around their long-term goals and risk tolerance. His extensive experience through major shifts in markets enables him to structure balanced investment plans to help address specific financial goals.

Nick lives in Gilbert with his wife and three children. He helps coach baseball and softball year-round, likes to cook, and is an avid golfer. His family enjoys spending part of the summer in Flagstaff. The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation is among the charitable organizations with which he is involved.

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