Laura Gonzales Bio Image
Laura Soben Gonzales First Vice President, Wealth Management

When it comes to financial planning, investment strategies and client relationships, Laura brings a quality level of proactivity and organization in her approach. Being someone who understands, values and prioritizes relationships in her professional life, Laura strives to communicate clearly and often with each of her clients.

“I aim to simplify financial planning and break it down to simple, actionable steps my clients can take to become successful,” Laura says. “My goal is to help them fund their life goals and bring them a greater sense of clarity as we navigate the different cycles of the seasons, the markets and life together.”

Laura has over a decade of experience as a financial advisor. Her professional experience is further backed by a bachelor’s degree in finance with an emphasis on leadership from Texas Christian University.

On a day-to-day basis, Laura supports female business owners and executives, as well as people planning for or in retirement. She firmly believes that true wealth management isn’t only about investments but about listening for and understanding what’s truly important to each person.

“At the end of the day, I want to know that I made a positive difference in someone’s life. Our team is dedicated to tailoring financial strategies based on each individual and their experience, hopes, dreams and personal circumstances. Hearing from my clients that I’ve helped them not just financially but in their life is immensely fulfilling.”

Outside the office, Laura spends her free time putting her and her family’s health and wellness first. Not only a plant and animal lover, but Laura also loves hiking and camping in the great outdoors. When she and her family aren’t enjoying time in their Fort Worth urban garden, Laura passionately supports charities that support women at a local level.

Originally from Abilene in West Texas, Laura currently resides in Fort Worth with her husband, Lee, their children, Jack and Adrian, her pug, Luna, and their rescue pets, Yoda and Ziggy.