• Jeffrey Solomon

    Financial Advisor

    Branch Manager

Jeff builds strong bonds with his clients and strives to give them confidence in their financial well-being. His relationship-oriented practice takes a holistic approach that includes coordination with other professionals on estate and tax planning issues. He takes a special interest in his clients and their families, getting to know them to help them pursue their goals, including a comfortable retirement.

Jeff has served as a financial advisor in the Salt Lake City area since 2003 and is licensed to work with clients in 20 states. Jeff joined Raymond James in 2014, drawn by the ability to create fully personalized financial plans for his clients. The Park City native earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Utah, is fluent in Spanish, and is a member of the university’s Crimson Club and Alumni Association.

Jeff grew up playing baseball, basketball and football, with the latest sports obsession being golf. A 5:45am tee time a couple of times per week in the summer at Bonneville allows him to pursue the obsession and still get to the office by 9:00am. Jeff lives in Salt Lake City with his wife, Jen, and their two children, Lily and Noah.

‘I was once told by my dad that one of the great things about having kids is just when you get a bit too old to do some of the things you loved to do, you have kids and get to do those things all over again.’ When not cultivating closer relationships with his clients or walking the golf courses at first light, Jeff occupies time either throwing, catching or hitting a ball with Noah, who shares the same love of baseball, basketball, football and golf. He shares music interests and talents with Lily in addition to trying to remember some of the skateboarding tricks from his youth to share with her as she spends her time outdoors on a Santa Cruz skateboard. Jeff’s wife Jen has been a Registered Nurse at the University of Utah hospital for over 20 years and has most recently found a great passion in creating a website dedicated to sustainability called www.LetsGoGreen.com. When the balls are put away, the music is turned off, the skateboard in the closet and the laptops are finally closed, Jeff will undoubtedly have a book in hand.

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