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AN IMPORTANT FIRST STEP in planning your future

We created this secure online questionnaire to enable our prospective clients to share their key financial information with us in a safe and convenient manner.

We thank you for taking a few minutes to complete our Pre-Training Preparation Meeting questionnaire. The answers you provide will be very helpful in giving more context to our first conversation with you. Once we have received your information, we will reach out to you to discuss our planning process and schedule a call.

Having a trusted financial partner who genuinely cares about you and your financial well-being can make a meaningful difference in your life. We welcome the opportunity of working together.


Pre-Training Preparation Meeting Questionnaire

Please provide the following information. All fields marked with (*) are required.

Investable Assets:* Includes retirement plans at work, IRAs, taxable accounts, bank accounts, CDs, mutual funds, and money markets.

Amount Saved/Invested in Last 12 Months:* Includes amount contributed to retirement plans (include company match), contributions to IRAs, deposits into bank savings and checking accounts, and taxable investment accounts.

Amount of Life Insurance:* Includes death benefit of all term policies, whole life, and group policies at work.

Amount of Spouse Life Insurance: Includes death benefit of all term policies, whole life, and group policies at work.

Total Debt Outstanding:* Includes mortgages on all properties, recurring credit card debt, student loan debt, car loans, etc.


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