Erold Merko

Erold Merko,

CRPC Senior Vice President, Wealth Management

Erold Merko is a Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor® with over 15 years of experience in the financial services industry. He is a tenured financial advisor who provides comprehensive, sophisticated plans that guide clients in their pursuit of financial independence. Erold and his team understand the value of their clients’ hard work and are dedicated to cultivating and preserving their wealth and legacies.

Erold’s financial plans focus on four pillars of wealth management: asset allocation, income planning, incapacity planning, and legacy planning. He takes pride in providing his clients with the financial tools to manage and enjoy their wealth well into retirement. Many of his clients throughout his career have been employed in higher education, healthcare and research.

Erold joined Raymond James in 2021. Previously, he was a senior wealth management advisor with TIAA for over nine years. At TIAA, he led a team of four investment professionals managing a portfolio of clients with over $1.2 billion in assets. Prior to joining TIAA, he was a retirement consultant with Freedom One Financial Group.

Erold was born and raised in Albania. At 17 years old, he moved to the United States as a foreign exchange student to finish his senior year of high school. After graduation, he decided to stay in the United States to attend college. Although it was difficult to live far from home at such a young age, his parents, both teachers, always stressed the value of education. Erold and his parents believed in the American dream. With a college education and a great work ethic, a bright future was possible. Taking his parent’s lifelong lessons to heart, Erold worked full time and put himself through college. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in business administration from Walsh College.

Erold also enjoys giving back to the community. He proudly supports the Northville Education Foundation that helps raise funds for Northville Public Schools. He also volunteers with the Ann Arbor Forgotten Harvest, a charity that provides food to those in need.

Erold enjoys traveling with family and friends, getting in a round of golf, watching his daughters play sports, and trying new restaurants. Erold is fluent in Albanian and proficient in Italian.

Erold lives in Northville with his wife, Bridget, and their two daughters, Stella and Sadie.