William Burmeister

William Burmeister,

ChFC® Associate Vice President, Wealth Management

William is a Chartered Financial Consultant® with more than 14 years of experience working with a diverse set of clients, helping them pursue their goals including retirement and planning for long-term financial well-being. He has a particular focus on helping higher education employees and academic professionals plan their retirements to take advantage of the often complex benefits packages provided by many of Michigan’s colleges and universities.

He is a strong listener and empathetic, useful traits when working with someone on a topic as meaningful and important as personal finances. He is also a strong communicator, guiding his clients through the complexities of finance so they can better understand their investment options and potential outcomes.

Prior to joining Raymond James in 2021, William held the role of Wealth Management Advisor with TIAA where he was part of a team of four individuals managing over $1.2 billion in assets. Prior to TIAA William was a Financial Planner with Hantz Financial.

As the third of 10 children in his family – all homeschooled by their mother – William learned the value of personal motivation and self-sufficiency at a young age. Education also has been important to him and his family, and he started taking college coursework at age 16 from Washtenaw Community College. He has been inspired by his parents and their love – his mother’s commitment to education, his father’s hard work as a provider – and has carried their examples through his life.

William is a graduate of the University of Toledo, where he earned a Bachelor of Business Administration degree.

He has a fondness for the American West, a favorite travel destination, and other outdoor adventures including hiking, golf and rock climbing. He also enjoys piloting remote aerial drones.

He is an Ann Arbor native, where he continues to live today with his wife, Jessica, and their two children, William and Sophia.