We assist physicians, addressing the challenges that you face at the specific stages of your career, while addressing the specific needs that arise due to your medical specialty, and the structure of your medical practice (solo practitioner, etc). Larger practices employ a CFO to coordinate all financial aspects of the practice. Successful physicians do the same for their personal financial situation. That is what you can expect our Essential Partnership to do for you.

For example:


While you have not yet reached your full earning potential, and now you are beginning to pay Medical School loans, how do you balance your cash flow?

Middle Career/Family

You are settled into your specialty, working on growing your practice, staying up to date with all the advances in your area of medicine – how do you balance building your business, starting a family, buying a house, and leading the lifestyle that you desire as a physician. And on top of all of that, how do you protect your family from the things that could throw the entire plan off – disability, lawsuits, or worst of all, death.


The practice is running, you are still making adjustments due to Medicare changes and insurance reimbursement rules – how do you know if you are putting enough away to be able to enjoy the retirement that you want, all the while saving for the kids college, and managing the risks (liability, long term health, disability, death).

What is your exit strategy from the practice? Since it must be coordinated with your overall practice and personal objectives, ongoing reviews are vital to ensure that you are on track to reach your goals, and that your plan accounts for any changes in your practice or your life.

Time to retire 

You need to turn what you have been saving and investing into your monthly paycheck. What is the best way to do that? Are you getting monthly installments on your practice buy out, or was it a lump sum? How can you be sure that you will be able to live the life that you want in retirement, and still meet your desired goals regarding your legacy? Supporting your lifestyle, planning for your legacy, these are all important to you. What is the first step?

There are so many questions at each stage of your career and life. Knowing what is important to you is how we differentiate our exclusive personalized service from investment advice in a vacuum. Contact us to discuss how you can benefit from this level of service to accompany your independent investment advice.