Alicia Vance
Alicia Vance Office Manager

Office Manager, Alicia Vance, is dedicated to the success of our clients. She is responsible for the day to day operations at Raymond James Financial Services of Barboursville, WV. Bringing with her over a decade of radio broadcasting experience, Alicia knows the importance of a favorable business/client relationship. With that, and her strengths in organization, being task oriented and having a service first- with integrity-mentality, she is pleased to be a part of the Raymond James family with Todd Dudley.

Alicia has been married for over 20 years to her husband, Ray. They have one son, Ben, and a beautiful grandchild, Link. Whether it’s a cookout in the backyard, or traveling to Cincinnati to watch a baseball game, Alicia’s favorite way to pass the time is with her family. She attends Fifth Avenue Freewill Baptist Church and is active with the youth there. Furthermore, any day curled up with a book or sitting by the ocean is a “good” day for her.