A thorough approach to serving you well

Objective: To provide the best financial advice and service to our clients.

Vision: Clients seek us out because we strive to provide superior client service. This means we are accessible to our clients, willing to be measured according to their expectations and we are proactive and clear communicators. Our business is comprised of friendly and informed staff, maintaining high levels of integrity. We are known as an objective, quality financial planning firm which clients value because our goals are aligned with theirs.

We have a proven process to deliver comprehensive analysis and advice delivered by knowledgeable professionals. Our process includes consistent follow-up on investments, risk, and special needs. Clients will say when asked what they value about working with us, that we take care of all their needs so they don’t have to worry about them.

By becoming an efficient ensemble, we have a culture that promotes personal growth, openness, integrity, and teamwork. We are always ready to cooperate with each other, to build, refine and enhance our value proposition, and we have an atmosphere where we do what is best for each other collectively rather than what is best for ourselves individually. We use technology to leverage our time, communicate with our clients, and provide a high level of client service.

We primarily serve business owners, professionals, and retirees because their needs are complex and interesting and our unique skill set as a firm allows us to address both the individual and enterprise. Whatever financial need they have, we are the catalyst to help get it done. We will provide the core services in-house to serve our clients, and have implemented a protocol for getting outsourced solutions to complement our own expertise.

We are one of the leading providers of wealth management advice in the United States. This positioning ensures that we are considered in the recommendations of attorneys and CPAs for their clients, and that we are perceived as the employer of choice by skilled and motivated individuals. We are investing to further build this dominance, to limit threats from competitors, and to ensure our persistent visibility in this market.

“If I’m going to put my name on it, it’s going to be right.”
Tyson Smith