Elite success opens a world of possibility few will ever experience – and still fewer can navigate well. Helping the stewards of profound wealth capitalize on success is the sole focus of the Private Institutional Client (PIC) desk.

Through a single, seamless resource desk, sophisticated clients can negotiate transactions across a wide variety of asset classes and work with experienced finance professionals focused on delivering bespoke investment ideas and solutions tailored to your needs. Further, the desk can facilitate transactions on your behalf with institutional trading desks and introduce you to multiple sources of borrowing capacity to finance both liquid and illiquid asset classes through a variety of structures.

Taking an institutional approach, PIC leverages the extensive resources and capabilities of its professional team to generate sophisticated investment and capital markets-based solutions. This results in a range of offerings not readily accessible on a traditional wealth management platform, including tailored financing solutions, investment opportunities in the private marketplace, and access to an extensive range of asset classes and platforms.

At a glance, learn more about the offerings and successful use cases of the private institutional client desk.

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