• Scot Morris

    Principal, Z3 Capital

    Financial Advisor, RJFS

As the driving force behind Z3 Capital Partners, Scot is an independent thinker who views each client’s situation as unique.  In a time when many advisors are pushing the packaged products of the firms for which they work, Scot sees Z3, and its independence, as a chance to apply our customized approach to your unique needs. For more than 30 years, Scot has enjoyed a reputation among clients for answering complex financial questions in clearly understandable terms.

Scot has a knack for finding investment ideas that many advisors ignore. How? First, Scot often seems two steps ahead when it comes to economic changes and shifting industry trends.  “We are always working to anticipate where the ‘puck’ will be so that our clients are invested in major trends before they happen,” Scot says.  Second, by defining risk not by the size of the company, but rather the balance sheet and cash flow characteristics that determine financial risk. Scot asks tough questions of money managers and invests alongside clients.

Scot’s belief in the “science and art” of wealth management is at the foundation of his client-centric approach. A lifetime learner, Scot enjoys sharing his insights and perspective with clients.  “The fact is, I learn from the markets and clients every day,” Scot points out. “I’ve come to understand what means most to each client. My role is serving all our clients with a friendly, yet disciplined approach that in a client’s best interests.”  Scot embodies an optimist's approach to life and investing, able to see the light at the end of even the darkest financial markets.

A University of Pittsburgh graduate, Scot aims to learn something new each day – inside and outside of the office. Scot’s appreciation for art, architecture, and rock and roll (ask him about touring with The Rolling Stones or Aerosmith) is matched by his passion for family and community. Scot and his wife, Janet, live in Richmond and have two daughters, Spencer and Camryn. Scot is former 30-year member of the Tuckahoe Kiwanis and a past board member of The Richmond Forum.