• Alicia Borghi

    Partner, Z3 Capital

    Financial Advisor, RJFS

Alicia brings over two decades of financial services experience to Z3 Capital Partners.  As the primary relationship manager for high-net-worth clients, Alicia is devoted to bringing the right people and resources to the table – on each client’s behalf.

A proud educator, Alicia enjoys spending time with clients – explaining the purpose and meaning of any aspect of their portfolio. More than once, Alicia has heard, “Nobody ever took the time to explain it like this before.” As often as a client wants, Alicia can show them precisely where each dollar is allocated and explain why. “Creating the roadmap together,” Alicia explains, “is the best way to bring an extra measure of comfort to clients, no matter their level of financial sophistication.”

Once initial meetings have concluded, Alicia develops holistic strategies for retirement planning, asset management, insurance planning and wealth transfer. Using internal and external research, along with expertise from selected money managers, asset allocations are built from scratch. Next, investments are selected, based on specific objectives and issues facing each family. To strengthen clients’ overall financial pictures, Alicia facilitates meetings with tax advisors and estate planning attorneys. 

Alicia brings an unparalleled attention to detail to the team.  She says, “one of the best parts of being on a strong team,” Alicia says, “is the diverse talent and experience each person brings to clients. It allows us to see a client’s situation from different perspectives, to help ensure that we’re providing a 360-degree strategy for a given situation. It’s our mission to help clients find a balance between optimizing their lifestyles and planning for the future.”

A native of the Adirondack Mountains in Upstate New York, Alicia earned a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from SUNY Plattsburgh. Seeking a warmer climate and a change of scenery, Alicia and her husband, Bob, moved to King William County, Virginia in 1994. Today, they spend as much time as possible with their children, Elise and Anthony –  enjoying their cabin in Nelson County and on the sidelines of their kids’ soccer and basketball games.