Kate DeHart
Katherine DeHart, CLTC® Founding Partner, Accompany Wealth Partners Financial Advisor, RJFS

After earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science from Ohio University, I began my financial services career with a small office in a small town in northern Ohio. I had planned on a career in law but found the expanding need for financial advice in the late 1990’s to be a great fit for my personality and goals in life. As the daughter of two teachers, I have always enjoyed the application of creative problem solving and am most confident and comfortable in an environment where I can learn something new each day. After taking a position with a growing team of advisors at Merrill Lynch in 1999, it became my passion to deliver sophisticated service to clients while absorbing as much information about the industry from my teammates as possible. I was privileged to work with some amazing advisors at the beginning of my career who supported me and exposed me to very personalized approaches to wealth management.

After several years in different support roles, I was ready to expand my role from behind the scenes, and the arrival of a kindred spirit in Chris Goles helped along that process. Together, Chris and I developed a highly customized approach to wealth management, working with a select group of clients who we could help plan for and pursue their best lives. I believe our growth as a team can be attributed to nurturing lifelong relationships with our clients, their friends and their families. Helping our clients live the life they desire is a source of immense pride for me both personally and professionally.

A native of the Jersey Shore, I have now officially lived longer in the state of Maryland than in New Jersey. I am a proud mother to one son, Parker, who is pursuing an education in sports communications at the Park School at Ithaca College. A couple of decades ago, my parents both endured brain injuries. My mother's injury was the result of a car accident, and my father’s injury was the result of a stroke a year later. Just about everything changed in my family dynamic. I believe my perspective makes me well positioned to talk about the topics of elder care and drove me to pursue my certificate in long-term care, a designation that provides my clients with access to resources needed to plan for and execute a plan of care for their loved ones. When I am away from the office, I enjoy cooking, gardening, a long beach day and a challenging workout.