Our Investment Philosophy

We believe in designing investment portfolios that are suitable to your financial goals. Diversification of investments helps to protect against selection risk. Determining the appropriate asset allocation, or balance, of your portfolio helps to control market volatility. Taken together, these concepts form the basis of what is known as Modern Portfolio Theory. After careful consideration of your financial objectives and tolerance of market volatility, we design your investment strategy with the appropriate balance of risk and reward. Fine tuning the portfolio periodically to maintain the proper balance while adjusting for changes in market performance and economic conditions provides the discipline necessary for long term investment success.

Modern Portfolio Theory, a Nobel Prize-winning investing approach, shows that asset allocation decisions make up 91.5% of portfolio volatility.


We have access to a wide variety of investments when designing portfolios for our clients and we choose investments suited to your needs, constraints, obligations and goals.


*Source: Brinson, Beebower and Associates, “Determinants of Portfolio Return,” 1986, updated 1991 and 1995. “Does Asset Allocation Policy Explain 40, 90, or 100% of Performance?” Ibbotson and Kaplan, Financial Analysts Journal, Jan./Feb. 2000. “The Equal Importance of Asset Allocation and Active Management,” Xiong, Ibbotson, Idzorek, and Chen, Financial Analysts Journal, February 2010. Asset allocation and diversification do not ensure a profit or protect against a loss. The process of rebalancing may result in tax consequences. Raymond James is not affiliated with any organizations or individuals mentioned.