You have choices when working with us

How do you know if you should explore engaging the professionals at Bend Wealth Advisors to help achieve your financial goals? We have found that our best clients realize they need assistance with managing their portfolios, making smart, tax-efficient financial decisions, and being methodical year-after-year in taking the necessary steps to grow their wealth. If that sounds like you, then contact us today for a free consult.

We understand that you may just want financial advice on a specific topic such as retirement planning, college planning, estate planning, divorce or risk management. We can provide these financial planning services, and you can keep investments where you currently have them if you so choose.

Our discovery process for prospective clients

We follow a well-established planning process that Stu Malakoff developed more than 19 years ago. It begins by learning about you and gathering relevant information about your current financial situation. While assembling financial documents is important, our success in delivering financial strategies stems from digging deeper and arriving at an informed understanding of your financial objectives – the intangible part of financial planning that comes from a quality conversation and years of experience.