A financial partner for independent women

Successful businesswoman, entrepreneur, executive, mother, wife, mentor, leader, community activist: There are many roles you fill, but only so many hours in a day. You may be challenged by the time-consuming task of balancing career and other responsibilities. Meanwhile, milestones approach that require financial attention: college for your children, care for your elderly parents, retirement for you, a legacy for your family and favorite causes.

You deserve to have a trusted financial guide and a strategy that empowers you to confidently pursue your goals while still enjoying life’s great moments. At Bend Wealth Advisors, we serve hard-working women who have achieved success – providing financial guidance, advice and services tailored to their individual needs.

Founder and financial advisor Stu Malakoff is dedicated to understanding your goals, listening to your needs, answering your questions, clarifying financial complexities and serving as a sounding board for objective financial advice. It’s all designed to facilitate your continued success and empower you to make knowledgeable financial decisions – so you can continue to enjoy your life while confidently moving ahead.

  • Our services include
  • Services for executives
  • Services for entrepreneurs

*Estate and trust services available through Raymond James Trust, N.A., an affiliate of Raymond James Financial Services, Inc.

**Insurance planning offered through Raymond James Insurance Group, an affiliate of Raymond James Financial Services, Inc.

***Lending solutions are offered through Raymond James Bank, an affiliate of Raymond James Financial Services, Inc. Raymond James Financial Services, Inc., and your Raymond James financial advisor do not solicit or offer residential mortgage products and are unable to accept any residential mortgage loan applications or to offer or negotiate terms of any such loan. You will be put into contact with a Raymond James Bank employee for your residential mortgage needs.