Chapter One: Risk

It’s not all far-fetched to say we, you and I, don’t spend enough time tempering greed, enough time assuaging fear. It’s just human nature to let our respective guard down when we should be most vigilant, yet ignore opportunity when we should be most prepared to pounce. If we always give risk a seat at the head of the table, management of your wealth, whether the goal is growth, preservation or something in between, will always be from a “risk-first” perspective.

Risk is only “bad” to the extent that it is not thoroughly explained or understood; we should be held to blame in such an unlikely event. Perhaps worse, when the risks you bear are above what is necessary to attain your goals, again, our feet should be held to the fire. Rest assured our first priority will always be to deliver you the most for the least; the highest return for the lowest level risk. Be mindful, however, even with the analysis and technology available today, risk management remains imperfect. But your story, every story, places risk in the lead role.

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