Ken Robbins

Senior Vice President, Investments

Ken is Co-Managing Partner of Consilium Wealth Partners of Raymond James. Spanning nearly three decades, Ken’s career as a Financial Advisor has progressed through several firms beginning with Dean Witter (later acquired by Morgan Stanley) and later spending over 10 years with Crowell Weedon & Co (later acquired by D.A. Davidson), a regional firm where he became a partner.

In 2016, Ken began an extensive study of firms and investing platforms to ensure that his team and his clients had access to the best tools and technology in the advisory business. He concluded that Raymond James & Associates provided the highest quality opportunity, and he moved his team to the firm in early 2017.

Ken is passionate about investing and committed to the success of his clients over the long run. In recent years he has attracted a large group of younger “Millennial” clients to his practice. He enjoys the opportunity to educate and to advance the investing and financial planning success of this group.

Outside of his work in the financial field Ken serves as a trustee for a Los Angeles based independent school dedicated to the academic and character development of elementary school children. Ken and his wife, Gail, live in the Hollywood Hills where they both enjoy tennis and hiking, as well as long dinners and conversations with their adult children.