Objective Guidance for Nonprofit Boards

We understand the importance of board members meeting their investment stewardship obligations and fiduciary responsibilities. We take an objective, unbiased approach and tailor our guidance and services to each nonprofit's situation.

Our proactive advice in conjunction with Raymond James Institutional Consulting Services includes the creation and implementation of a well-defined process for making informed investment decisions based on prudent investment practices. Each investment strategy we recommend to nonprofit boards is developed in consideration of well-established fiduciary standards as defined by ERISA under section 3(21) and is backed by our philosophy of conservative management.

Our Nonprofit Investment Consulting Services

  • Investment Policy Statement Review and Development
  • Asset Allocation Analysis and Guidance
  • Investment Search and Selection Assistance
  • Performance Reporting
  • Research and Due Diligence
  • Customized Client Service Plan Implementation
  • Spending Policy Review and Analysis
  • Alignment with Global Fiduciary Precepts®1

Disclosure: All investing involves risk and you may incur a profit or a loss. There is no guarantee that this or any investment strategy will be successful. Diversification does not ensure a profit or protect against a loss. Content provided herein is for information purposes only and should not be used or construed as investment advice or a recommendation regarding the purchase or sale of any security. There is no guarantee that these statements or opinions provided herein will prove to be correct.

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