Our Process

Our holistic, visionary approach to financial planning is grounded in what our clients define as their life’s purpose and the lifestyle they desire, both now and in the future. Embracing their values and priorities, we help our clients set realistic expectations and apply a disciplined process to help meet them.

Our four-phase process combines comprehensive financial planning with values-based wealth management.

I. Listening

When we begin working with you as a client, our focus is on listening. We want to understand your circumstances, motivations, values and concerns about the present and future. This knowledge helps us more clearly define not only broad, long-term goals but also specific financial objectives that will provide the benchmarks of your individualized plan.

II. Empowering

In this phase, we integrate the emotional and intensely personal aspects of your goals with the technical expertise and sophisticated strategies designed to help reach them. We also help you prepare for the inevitable changes you’ll encounter as you move through life’s various stages. This phase includes a wide range of critical elements ranging from funding children’s education to building toward a satisfying retirement.

III. Fulfilling

Honoring the commitments we’ve made to you is at the core of this stage of the process. We’ll implement and monitor your personalized plan, focusing all our professional skills and knowledge on helping to obtain the results you seek. Throughout the process, our goals will remain aligned with yours.

Because we are an independent financial firm, all our recommendations and guidance are driven by only one factor: what is best for you in light of your values, goals and wishes. We are not allied with any particular investment company or product, so we can offer you a wide range of choices and recommend only those we believe will best meet your needs.

IV. Refining

As your plan unfolds, there will always be refinements and adjustments to make as the economic climate and your personal circumstances change. We will continue to support and advise you, and take the necessary steps to adjust your plan along the way. We’ll meet with you at least once a year to review your plan, and communicate regularly with you in between. We are available at any time to answer your questions and address your concerns.

Our goal is to build a partnership that will help you live as that person you envision in your future.

Good plans shape good decisions.

Lester R. Bittel