We will help you create and maintain a high-quality retirement plan by providing a superior level of plan service for you and ongoing educational support for your participants.

  1. Overall retirement plan servicing philosophy
    1. We believe that only investments with consistent long-term results belong in your plan.
    2. We believe well-educated participants are more likely to save at higher rates and invest for the long term.
    3. We believe the more smoothly your plan operates, the happier both you and your participants will be.
    4. We believe choosing investments with low management expenses is the right thing to do for your employees.
  2. Plan Support Sponsor
    1. We will help you spend time making big-picture decisions, and not on the details of your plan's administration.
    2. We can help select investment options which will help you meet the long-term needs of your plan's participants.
    3. We can help you avoid the most common mistakes made by well-meaning plan sponsors.
    4. We will walk you through a fiduciary checklist, and provide you with educational materials specifically designed for plan sponsors.
  3. Commitment to participant education and ongoing service
    1. We will conduct a meeting to enroll your employees in the new plan and will be available to answer questions about a variety of financial-planning topics.
    2. We will make sure that your plan receives periodic retirement-plan education, targeted to the needs of your employees.
    3. We will be available to answer questions your employees have regarding distribution options when they leave the plan.

For plan sponsors only. Please consult your tax and legal advisers regarding the consequences of establishing and maintaining an employer-sponsored retirement plan.