We offer a team approach to financial planning, offering you a broader scope of expertise than you will likely find in any one person. Clients are our main priority, which is why we work to understand your unique circumstances and ultimately create a distinctive plan that provides a roadmap for your financial journey.

CLIENT SERVICE – these are our watchwords. We keep in touch with you through regular newsletters, timely updates, quarterly face-to-face reviews in our office, and by making sure you receive information when you need it, whether through e-mail, phone call or fax. Through this financial portal, we offer online trading for qualified clients and easy access to your account through Raymond James Financial Services. We welcome your inquiries, and will strive to serve your needs quickly, with careful attention to detail. Above all, we value the trust you place in us and assure you of complete confidentiality.

IF YOU ARE A NEW CLIENT, your relationship with us begins with an in-depth evaluation of your current financial situation. We will work with you to determine your overall financial objectives, and then focus on your specific goals and risk tolerance. In an ever-changing economic climate, with ups and downs in the various markets, we advocate investing over the long term and focused on your goals.