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The advisors of Gagne Wealth Management Group have dedicated their entire careers to providing strategic financial advice and helpful guidance to their valued clients. Paula Gagne and Jay Gagne spent 10 years at Merrill-Lynch and then transitioned their business to Raymond James in 2004. Gagne Wealth Management is a family-owned business, and Paula and Jay are dedicated to the creation of financial success for you and your family for generations to come.

At our practice, we believe our clients feel a sense of closeness to our team and a confidence that we have their best interests at heart. Because our payment model is one in which clients pay a small amount over time versus a large upfront fee, we have a vested interest in our clients’ long-term financial goals.

We are here as a resource to you and go beyond simply providing financial advice by openly providing education on all potential financial offerings. We’ll take the time to walk through available options and answer questions openly and honestly.

Contact us now for a complimentary, no-obligation financial consultation. Simply visit our Get In Touch page or call us toll-free at 866.461.7673.