Wellth Webinar Series From our partner, Grow Wellthy

In 2023, we are proud to bring to you the Wellth Webinar series with Stevyn Guinnup.

Did you know your health is one of the most important factors influencing both your financial stability and your quality of life in retirement?

Most people don't plan for their health in retirement like they plan for their wealth.

Grow Wellthy exists to bridge this gap by partnering with financial advisors to invest in your "wellth" as well as your wealth!

In this quarterly webinar series, Stevyn provides you with practical steps you can take to invest in your health for a more confident today and healthier tomorrow.

You can find additional information for upcoming webinars and registrations links under our Events tab.

Learn more about Stevyn Guinnup:

Stevyn Guinnip, MS, CWC is an exercise physiologist, certified wellness coach, and the daughter of a successful financial advisor. She is the Founder & CEO of Grow Wellthy™, a health and wellness advisory firm with a financial perspective. She believes that a financial plan without a wellness plan is only half a plan for success. Her new book on health and wealth for financial professionals will be coming out soon. You can read more about Stevyn's story here.

Health is Wealth

How Your Health Shapes Your Financial Plan

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