Plan sponsor services
to address each important detail

Company retirement plans have many details that must be addressed. There can be financial and legal consequences if anything is overlooked or inadequately managed, so it is important for your company to have professional guidance from experienced professionals who specialize in company retirement plans. We pride ourselves on being that resource and can assist you with the services that a well-run retirement plan requires.

Our consulting services include (ERISA non-fiduciary):

General plan information
  • Provide plan sponsor and plan committee with general information relating to the plan
  • Provide general information to plan participants relating to contributions, investment alternatives, and/or distribution options available
General financial and investment information
  • Provide general information to the plan sponsor and/or plan participants, as applicable, relating to investment concepts such as risk and return, diversification, dollar cost averaging, or different rates of return per asset class
General asset allocation
  • Provide generalized educational information on various asset allocation models to plan sponsors
Assist with evaluation and recommendation of non-investment-related service providers
  • Assist plan sponsor with service-related issues with other service providers for the plan
  • Assist plan sponsor in designing the content for and coordinate the Requests for Proposal (RFP) process with the plan sponsor
  • Provide plan sponsor with informational data related to the plan sponsor’s evaluation of service provider alternatives
  • Assist plan sponsor with the implementation and transition to new service provider(s)
Interactive materials
  • Provide information in accordance with Department of Labor Interpretive Bulletin 96-1 to enable a participant to assess future retirement needs and the impact of different asset allocations on future income
Investment performance reporting
  • Provide objective performance analysis reporting of investments utilized by plan versus benchmarks and/or peer group to plan sponsor
Industry information updates
  • Provide third-party summaries of regulatory updates, including information on legislative, Department of Labor, and IRS matters of relevance to employee benefits plans
Plan review
  • Assist plan sponsor with review of fees and overall plan effectiveness including total expenses, errors, and error corrections, as well as employee benefits plans
Communication and education for plan sponsor’s employees
  • Provide periodic investment education for employees
  • Serve as a resource to employee enrollment inquiries
  • Educate, but do not provide advice to, plan employees about general distribution alternatives, including leaving assets in the plan
Participant education plan
  • Assist with design of an education plan for participants

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