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Our clients represent a wide variety of businesses, professions and industries. They may have an office manager, but don’t have the time or staff to focus on their company benefits and retirement plans.

We often find that prospective clients are not satisfied with how their plan is being managed or how important fiduciary details are being addressed. Many are not fully familiar with the pros and cons of their current plans and are unaware of the fees they are paying. To help our clients potentially reduce some of the costs of their plans, we look for service providers who provide fee transparency.

Our clients and prospects have come to realize that there is so much they need to learn about company retirement plans. For instance, they often confuse the plan administrator (one of the main fiduciaries in a qualified plan) with the contract administrator or TPA (a non-fiduciary service provider who executes tasks for the administrator). Clients appreciate the fact that our group can provide the expertise they seek.

The best chance for employees to accumulate adequate savings for retirement is through ongoing education together with quality investment options. We offer plan and participant level service in an effort to prepare participants for retirement.

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