Guidance for the big picture and finer details

A Comprehensive Approach To Wealth Management

A Personalized Approach to Sophisticated Wealth Management

Managing our clients' wealth, as well as helping to preserve and manage their net worth, requires a team of experienced financial professionals. Drawing upon the resources of a national, full-service firm along with sharing our personal attention and insight, we are able to bring comprehensive wealth management solutions to our clients.

As we work one-on-one, we create and implement tailored financial plans to help achieve our clients' long-term goals, whether designing tax-efficient strategies to monetize company stock or options for corporate executives, planning for retirement or helping small business owners and start-up companies find solutions to the challenges they face as their businesses grow. And by regularly monitoring our progress and making adjustments based on our clients' needs, we help ensure they receive both the attention and investment solutions that fit their evolving lives.

We believe in active portfolio management to help create high quality portfolios for our clients. Combining our analytic tools and research along with those of Raymond James, we develop forward-looking risk, return and correlation assumptions for different asset classes.

When developing our clients’ unique plans, we take the following key steps:

After we build customized asset allocations, we monitor our clients’ portfolios and rebalance according to each relationship.

The process of rebalancing may result in tax consequences.