A starker realization
of risk.

"Our planet had a close call with financial fate in the fall of 2008. The dominoes began to fall as nontransparent hedge funds rejected redemption requests and aggressively yielding money funds were about to do the same. As investors' emotions switched from greed to fear, a classic run on the alternative and shadow banking system began."

So begins "The Evergreen Portfolio," a book co-authored by Martin Truax and co-founders of IPMG. In it, Ron and Martin, with contributions from recognized authors and leaders in the fields of investment and finance – a veritable who's who list of the investment world – provide a comprehensive look at the devastating October 2008 event from which our economy is still trying to recover – both financially and psychologically.

The purpose of the book is to help investors understand what precipitated the event, what the recovery will be like, and what the book's contributors' long-term outlooks are.

In all, "The Evergreen Portfolio" reflects the kind of forward-thinking investment management you'll find here at IPMG. If you would like to read firsthand the insights the book has to offer, please contact us.