We are tactical managers
of risk.

Capital risk is never at rest. Neither are we. In our experience, the only way for your equity assets to survive and possibly prosper in today's financial climate is through tactical asset allocation and active risk management. Tactical – in this case – means increasing equity asset exposure at the right time in order to gain from positive shifts in the market, and decreasing equity asset exposure when conditions appear less than favorable.

This approach relies on a tactical asset allocation process that is driven primarily by our own proprietary technical analysis and research. We also believe a good understanding of the global macroeconomic environment, along with knowledge of historical financial trends, can provide useful input and a basis for the proper bias in the interpretation of current trends. After the data is processed and analyzed, we're able to identify possible risks and opportunities in order to provide better tactical management for our clients' portfolios.

Diversification and strategic asset allocation do not ensure a profit or protect against a loss.