Investing In Others

Our belief is that giving back is essential to a fulfilling life and is a responsibility of every successful business. Our team has had the opportunity to support many different organizations with our time, talent and/or treasure, several of which are listed below.

We share this list not to boast about our own contributions, as many have given so much more of themselves. Rather, it is with humility to that we seek to inspire others to service in our local community and beyond.

Carroll County Youth Service Bureau:

“Every child deserves a chance. CCYSB provides a helping hand to over 2,500 youth and families per year in Central Maryland through personal counseling and research-based programs. We’ve had the privilege of supporting CCYSB as founding partner of its corporate philanthropy program, lead sponsor of its annual Chocolate Ball and through Alex’s service as a Board member from 2007-2019.”

–Kairos Wealth Advisors

Carroll Hospital Foundation:

“As we care for our client’s financial well-being, we appreciate the physicians, nurses, and other medical professionals that care for our community’s physical health. I’ve relished the opportunity to serve as a Board Member since 2017, and for our team to financially support Carroll Hospital Foundation’s many efforts at Carroll Hospital and Bridging Life (formerly Carroll Hospice).”

–Alex Myers

Human Services Program of Carroll County:

“HSP serves the most vulnerable in Westminster and other parts of our community. I’ve been honored to be a Board member since 2017. I see firsthand how HSP supports individuals and families by giving hope in their quest to make meaningful changes and take advantage of opportunities in order to live a self-sufficient life.”

–Lisa Goretsas

The Shepherd’s Staff:

“For several years, our team and clients rallied around the Back-to-School drive organized by Shepherd’s Staff, and we’ve been a long-time supporter of its annual Festival of Trees event in Westminster. We’re grateful for the work it does to clothe, counsel and provide emergency assistance to those in need.”

–Linda Weidenhan 

Historical Society of Carroll County:

“Based in Westminster but reaching far beyond, HSCC helps remind us of the women and men that made Carroll County a great place to live, work and even provide sound financial advice! We’ve been Business Members of HSCC for many years.”

–Kairos Wealth Advisors

Carroll Lutheran School:

“The church where I grew up help to seed CLS in the early 2000s. Now, CLS has is a nurturing place for our kids to learn and grow. It’s an important part of how our family invests its time and treasure.”

–Alex Myers

YES! Young Onset Dementia Education and Support:

“Young onset dementia families need unique support and resources. Receiving a dementia diagnosis prior to age 65 has additional challenges, since in many cases a patient is still in the workforce, raising children, and may be acting as a caregiver for his/her own parent. Providing educational opportunities, support groups, and social events in order to connect these families is vital. I’ve enjoyed being a part of this non-profit and watching it grow from its infancy in 2019.”

–Lisa Goretsas

New Hope Ministries:

“My family was introduced to this ministry through our church in Littlestown. It serves neighbors in time of need by helping with food security, workforce development and youth programs, all while showing the love and hope of our faith. They help neighbors in my hometown of Littlestown, as well as all across central Pennsylvania.”

–Troy Petry

Access Carroll:

“As one of our neighbors in downtown Westminster, Access Carroll serves the physical and mental needs of so many that could otherwise slip through the cracks of our health care system. We’ve been excited to be a sponsor of its Big Band Merry Christmas event.”

–Kairos Wealth Advisors