Helping pre-retirees prepare for retirement

As retirement grows ever closer, the looming reality may cause some uncertainty. When exactly should I retire? Will I have enough to maintain my lifestyle and still leave a legacy for my loved ones? Our view is that retirement should be a greatly anticipated milestone, not a cause for concern. Our goal is to help you not only prepare for retirement, but to have a realistic picture of what to expect.

We will help you set a reasonable budget for your non-working years and then show you different possible scenarios. For instance, what happens if the market has a downturn or if you have unexpected medical expenses? Or what happens if you increase your monthly withdrawals? Ongoing planning to address your concerns will help you feel more confident about retiring.

There are many other details to address, as well. We will help you review and understand your Social Security options, pension benefits, the level of risk in your portfolio and any outstanding debt you may have.

The point is, you can never be too prepared for retirement. We’re here to make sure that you are ready.