Helping widows find financial independence

While it’s a fact that women have longer life expectancies than men, it doesn’t lessen the shock of losing your husband and continuing on without him. It’s important to have a good support network around you during what is perhaps the most challenging part of your life. If you and your husband have been our clients before his passing, we already have great knowledge and familiarity with your financial situation, which can prove to be extremely helpful.

Losing a spouse has major financial implications – and they come precisely at a time of great emotional stress. In addition to the shock and grief, there are often medical bills and funeral expenses to pay. There are also many decisions to be made regarding issues such as life insurance proceeds, Social Security and the retitling of financial accounts.

You may be afraid of outliving your savings or not having sufficient income each month to maintain your lifestyle. To add to the feelings of uncertainty, you may be managing your financial affairs on your own for the first time, and there are no shortage of people sharing their opinions on how you should do so, where you should live, and so many other details.

We are here to help you address and resolve these and all issues and concerns you may have, and to walk along with you to create a clear financial plan for moving forward with your life as an independent woman.