Building caring relationships one client at a time

If you were to ask our clients why we’re different, we believe that you would hear slightly different answers from each because no two of our clients are alike in their goals, values and needs. The common thread between them, though, would be our emphasis on building caring and connected relationships. We learn what makes each client unique, then personalize a plan and a client experience that is right for them.

Our whole-hearted approachto caring for your financial well-being

About the Kairos name

The Ancient Greeks had two ways of defining time. “Chronos” referred to measurable time – days, years, centuries, etc. But they also believed that there was a special place in time where truly significant things occurred; moments of true clarity. This abstract period of time was known as “Kairos.” Life is full of Kairos moments as we progress through our days, often at times of transitions with births, deaths, marriage, retirement, etc.

For our clients, we are with them through these momentous times, planning in advance whenever possible and crafting solutions as needed during pivotal periods of change. We seek the clarity of Kairos as we learn of our clients’ hopes and dreams throughout the continuum of their lives.

Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.
Warren Buffett