The distinctions that make The Difference

There are many elements that go into serving as a trusted financial partner, but it is the combination of all these attributes that enables us to deliver the customized experience our clients truly deserve.

Personal client service that goes above and beyond

One of our top priorities is to make our clients feel welcomed and cared for. Here, it’s not just their advisor working for them. That’s why we encourage clients to get to know our entire team, who they can trust will always keep their best interests in mind and work together for their benefit.

It’s easy to relate to us and understand our advice

It is our custom to talk to our clients in a straightforward manner to make even the most complex financial concepts understandable. There is no point in talking over their head by speaking in financial jargon. Our manner of conversing is more Main Street than Wall Street. It results in a more relatable and comfortable experience.

Solid experience and extensive knowledge

Our team brings many years of financial industry experience and professional credentials such as Certified Financial Planner™ practitioner to the table. We work together, sharing our knowledge, insight and multigenerational perspectives to address the financial matters that matter to you.

A focus on holistic financial planning

The financial holistic planning we offer encompasses far more than just managing your investments. We are planners who strive to address every aspect of your life.

Objective advice and a wealth of resources

Raymond James’ unique culture of independence gives us complete freedom to offer objective advice without any pressure to place you in proprietary investment products. Having access to the firm’s robust resources, research and technology helps us serve your needs while never compromising our ability to focus on what’s most important: putting your interests first.

When you consider it all, we think it adds up to some very convincing reasons to count on us to serve as your trusted financial partner.