A quality experience and all it entails

So what can you expect from working with us? The short answer is a lot. When you engage with us, our goal is to serve as your trusted financial partner and build a relationship where you can feel comfortable asking any question, whether it’s financially related or not. We want to be a resource for you on anything from buying a second home to securing lines of credit. We can help you take care of whatever needs to be done – even if it’s beyond our direct expertise. Chances are we’ll know someone trustworthy who can help in our stead.

We’ll spend time getting to know you and your family, stay in contact and proactively reach out whenever anything needs to be specifically addressed. Our holistic approach is designed to address all aspects of your life and address any uncertainty you may encounter along life’s journey.

We take the extra step of partnering with other centers of influence to ensure that we are creating the most robust plans while also making your life simpler. This can include working with your attorney and CPA to ensure everyone is on the same page, or even finding Medicare supplements when you are retired. These are all ways we are focused on adding value to your life.

While dedicated professionalism is the hallmark of our practice, you may find that our relationship evolves into a personal friendship over time – and that’s exactly what working with us should feel like.

We invite our clients to think of us first when they have a problem that needs to be solved.
Lisa J. Walsh, Founder of LJW Wealth Management of Raymond James