The Nevada Family Wealth Standard of Care

Similar to the medical field, we have created a standard of care for our clients that is designed to give them the right information at the right time based on what stage of life they are currently in. We have found that most clients’ financial situations become more complex as they get older. Our standard of care was designed to evolve as client’s transition through each stage of life.

We manage each stage of life with a comprehensive checklist that is holistic in nature. The checklist covers a variety of wealth management topics, such as retirement income planning, risk management planning, banking and estate planning.

Regardless of your age or financial knowledge, it is our commitment to get you to the next stage of life with a defined plan. We invite you to explore the different stages of life below.

  • The Foundation Years
  • The Make It Happen Years
  • The Go Go Retirement Years
  • The Legacy Years

“If you make listening and observation your occupation, you will gain much more than you can by talk.”

Robert Baden-Powell