The Real Reason Wealthy People are Moving to Florida

That “rite of passage” for you has finally arrived -- you have built the financial means and are mentally ready to take that next step: purposefully following through on your goal of retiring to Florida. Or, given the increasingly remote and flexible nature of our American economy, your career allows you to no longer be fixed to your office up north, which had always been so permanent – and alternatively entertain a more attractive tax climate. Or, you’ve owned that vacation home here in Florida, tested the waters, and decided to now live the lifestyle of a full-time Floridian, enjoying all the exceptional culture, entertainment, and nature that the Sunshine State affords.Whatever your intentions, you’ll inevitably come to a crossroads – to learn and engage in the process and then, whether it makes sense for you at the end of the day, to become a Florida resident. For those that do move forward -- in some cases, the process is easy and can be done rather quickly. For others, it is naturally more complicated. Like so many things in life, it is not a “one size fits all” approach to Florida domicile. Considerations abound -- whether you are working or retired, your native state, family commitments, travel and taking into account multiple homes, your wealth and tax needs, and your sources of earnings – among many others. 

We respect that many of the people that we initially meet with are doing their homework – which is always the right thing to do on the front end; as the expression goes – measure twice and cut once. Others we meet with highly motivated and are looking to “flip the switch” and become residents yesterday! No matter the case, the process has to be above board, one’s proverbial ducks should be in a row, their professionals are to all be in the loop (and on board), whereby you are ultimately placed in a position where you can sleep well -- knowing that you’ve done it right.

We’re here to help you navigate this path of Florida Domicile – in a complimentary fashion. Knowledge is power, so please lean on us as a resource. We aim to be seasoned experts on the subject – and would love to walk you through the process (about an hour-long, private, interactive presentation), to provide you with trusted professionals as needed, and to answer any and all multitude of questions that you may have on the subject – with answers uniquely suited to your needs.

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