"I've learned a thing or two about human behavior on trout streams. I've discovered that patience serves better than haste, that silence is a virtue, and concentration it's own reward, and that I, at least, like to fish alone; trout fishing should not become a contest." - From Charles Kuralt, America, and his time in Montana.

Ralph Fishing

My wife and I just got back from a quick day trip to Hancock, New York, where we floated the Upper Delaware River with Cross Current Guide Services. Initially, we were to be guided by a woman who we heard speak in April, when she entertained us and educated us on flyfishing techniques. Unfortunately, she was unable to guide on the day we arrived. Her back-up guide hurt his back, so we got her back-up’s back-up. Yes, I was a bit skeptical of getting a third stringer, but Mike B. was a fun guide and knew the river well.

If you have never been there, fishing the Upper Delaware is graduate level flyfishing. The trout are wary due to the number of fishermen that come to the area to experience “western river” fishing opportunities on the east coast. An abundance of hatches, and fish eating only very specific flies further complicate the mission. I relish this type of challenge as it will help me to improve my skills quickly if I am smart enough and patient enough to listen to instruction. We taught our guide Mike (who is in his first season as a professional guide) the Second Rule of Flyfishing: the guide is always right. He liked that. The second rule combined with a willingness to listen and be patient resulted in a very nice outcome for me; one fish even made the photo of the day for the Whitetail Fly Shop.

Thanks to Mike and Dave for a relaxing and educational day on the Delaware. And we’ll be back to enjoy this east coast gem with Anita when she gets her schedule synched with ours.