Reading List

Financial & Investment Related

  • Nudge: Improving Decisions about Health, Wealth and Happiness, by Cass Sunstein and Richard Thaler
  • America's Bank, by Roger Lowenstein
  • The Intelligent Investor, by Benjamin Graham
  • Value Investing Today, by Charles Brandes
  • Buffett, by Roger Lowenstein
  • The Winner's Curse, Richard Thaler
  • On War, by Carl von Clausewitz

Fishing Related

  • Dynamic Nymphing, by George Daniel
  • The Confluence, a collection of short stories about fishing in the Dartmouth Grant.
  • Sunlit Riffles and Shadowed Runs, by Kent Cowgill
  • Great Rivers Great Hatches, by Charles Meck
  • Reading the Water, by Dave Hughes
  • A River Runs Through It, by Norman Maclean
  • Hemingway on Fishing, edited by Nick Lyons

Ralph's Recent Reading

  • The Jersey Brothers, by Sally Mott Freeman: A missing naval officer in the pacific and his family’s quest to bring him home.
  • London’s Triumph, by Stephen Alford: A truly interesting history of London in the Elizabethan Era, The Golden Age in English history.
  • Leonardo da Vinci, by Walter Isaacson: A great book on one of the world's greatest thinkers of all time. 
  • Cattle Kingdom, by Christopher Knowlton: The hidden history of the cowboy west.
  • Alexander Hamilton, by Ron Chernow: A great piece of historical writing. I strongly recommend it.
  • Custer's Trials, by T.J. Stiles: Fascinating read for U.S. History buffs.
  • The Things They Carried, by Tim O'Brien
  • The Road From Coorain, by Jill Ker Conway
  • Sufferings in Africa, by Captain James Riley
  • The Jersey Brothers, by Sally Mott Freeman: A missing naval officer in the Pacific and his family's quest to bring him home.

If you have any book suggestions, please let me know!!

Raymond James is not affiliated with the above authors.