We helped an athlete gain focus and plan for life off the field

An athlete came to us after signing his first big contract, looking for guidance in how to manage and preserve his wealth and avoid the money issues that often blindside high-profile sports figures. While his agent had advisors they recommended, due to our existing relationship and level of trust, he chose to work with us. We took the time to educate him about investing fundamentals and the complexities that come with wealth, helping advise him on things small – whether to buy or lease a car – and large – such as creating a legacy plan. We are honored to help him plan for the future beyond his playing days and help him pursue the lifestyle he has long envisioned. This is why we take an intensive approach to his financial needs throughout his busy playing season while strategically planning for his post-playing days.

As part of his inner circle, we work with his other professional advisors to stay on top of any financial matters and act as a sounding board to vet the many investing ideas he is pitched. The level-headed guidance and planning we provide help free him to focus on his life and his athletic performance.

The hypothetical example above is for illustrative purposes and is not representative of any actual experience. Individual results will vary.