Supporting the people and places that make our community special

We believe not only in giving back, but in giving of ourselves – and that true wealth in life also can be measured by one’s compassion and generosity. We are proud to support our community and those who call it home.

Some of the organizations important to us:

Maine Children’s Cancer Program

“I am passionate about MCCP because I lost my father to cancer in 2000. I have been involved ever since in the hope of eradicating this disease in children.” Matt Rogers

Preble Street Resource Center

The Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital

“My family devotes time to Preble Street Resource Center and Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital simply because we all enjoy helping others.” Matt Rogers

Parish of the Holy Eucharist

“As a lifelong member of POTHE, I am honored to serve as vice chair of the finance committee and help with the financial challenges the parish faces, as well as help formulate a plan for the future that can enable the parish to grow and flourish.” Chris Norton

Susan L. Curtis Foundation

“I enjoy serving as a Trustee for the Susan Curtis Foundation and as Chairman of the SCF endowment committee because we improve the lives of hundreds of economically disadvantaged Maine children each year.” Chris Norton

Coach & Mentor

“For the past 20+ years, I have coached sports from college, to high school all the way down to little league. I have also been a mentor (Portland Mentor Alliance). I have a passion for helping kids as well as a love of sports. Coaching is not a right but, a privilege. It is a privilege that comes with great responsibility and opportunity; an opportunity to have a positive impact on another person’s life. Being able to teach life lessons through sports is a great feeling. I have often said that the best thing in the world to be called is dad (or mom); the second best is ‘coach’.” Matt Rogers

Saint Michael’s College

“I am happy to mentor SMC students studying business administration because I remember the challenges of trying to begin a career after graduating and hope I can offer some helpful guidance.” Chris Norton

Cheverus High School

“I am a graduate of Cheverus High School and now a proud parent of 2 students. I am so appreciative of the school for preparing our kids for college and beyond. It is rigorous academically, competitive athletically and, more importantly, the school’s motto of being “people for others” is something sorely needed in today’s society. Living each day to help others AND to be the best person you can be makes me proud to support Cheverus.” Matt Rogers

Bowdoin College

“Having played basketball & baseball there and being a graduate of Bowdoin (and setting the school record with 8 immediate family members graduating), the college holds a special place in my heart. My father bled black & white and was a very proud Polar Bear! I feel his presence now as I am a volunteer assistant coach for the baseball team. GO U BEARS!” Matt Rogers

Raymond James is not associated with the above independent entities.

Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.
Warren Buffett