Personalized Guidance for Faith-based Investors

Kingdom Impact Investing

If you’re an investor who wants to make sure their portfolio aligns with their faith, our team has the resources to serve you. Through a portfolio management process that screens out companies that profit from alcohol, gambling and other things that conflict with your values, we can help you pursue your goals in accordance with your beliefs. We call this process biblically responsible investing.

In addition, advisor Jim Sterling is a member of Kingdom Advisors, a professional organization dedicated to rigorous planning advice based on biblical principles. He combines his deep working knowledge of these principles with technical financial planning skills to create a comprehensive plan for your financial future. Our team is equipped to guide you in managing your wealth in alignment with your values.

Topics we cover from a biblical perspective:

  • Cash flow and living expenses
  • Children and education
  • Goal setting
  • Income tax
  • Investments
  • Risk management
  • Stewardship