Sean Tsaconas
Sean Tsaconas Senior Vice President, Wealth Management

Sean Tsaconas is a senior vice president and financial advisor at Raymond James. He has 14 years of experience in wealth management.

Sean employs a systematic wealth management process to develop actionable plans tailored to individual situations. He is dedicated to thoroughly understanding each client’s financial position, long and short-term goals and appetite for risk. He uses this information along with the firm’s modern wealth management analytics and risk management tools to formulate customized strategies.

Sean has always had an interest in the stock market since he was a kid growing up around his parents who day traded during the 2000 dot com era. His internship in college with Wachovia Securities opened the door to him becoming a financial advisor and achieving his dream of helping people with retirement and being involved in the markets daily. Sean started his career at Wells Fargo and transitioned with Nick Takahashi to Morgan Stanley joining the Takahashi Retirement Group.

Sean graduated from Chapman University with a B.A. in economics and finance. He gives back to the community by volunteering in a number of organizations. He enjoys spending time with his family, and likes to travel, golf and surf.