THE RIGHT FIT FOR YOU by any measure

Financial advice can come from a lot of places, but the best is that which is personally tailored to you, the length of your timeline, the breadth of your needs, and the height of your aspirations. Of course, the right fit can only come from knowing you well, so we can measure all the metrics of your financial life.

At Tenon Wealth Partners of Raymond James, our financial advice is designed to take what we learn about you and help you prepare for all the future events in your life, even the ones still unknown. But this we do know: Your life’s path is unique, and the advice guiding it should be too. Because it’s not one size fits all. It’s one size fits one – and that one is you.


Meet our Team

We’re very knowledgeable, but we don’t act like know-it-alls. All of our experience and credentials show up in our planning, not in our attitudes. We think you’ll find that refreshing.

What’s behind our name?
Tenon means to join securely. It’s a type of joint that has been used for centuries to secure things, including the 30 sarsen stones of Stonehenge. It’s the appropriate word for describing the strong bonds we build with our clients.