Financial Guidance for the good work you do

Institutions play a significant role in the strength and fabric of our communities, and we offer essential capabilities for helping them fulfill their missions.

We are consummate professionals who are well-versed in the financial and investment management of nonprofits and other organizations, and are dedicated to providing prudent financial counsel and personal guidance to the directors, board members and investment committees of corporations, endowments, foundations and nonprofits.

The comprehensive services we provide include helping you with the development and management of an investment program, the design and evaluation of an investment policy statement, reporting, retirement and benefit plans, and cash flow management.

We think long term, as in a 100-year plan. We can’t stress enough the far-reaching benefits of maintaining a consistent and steadfast focus throughout the many changes your organization may encounter, both internal and external: market fluctuations, changes in your investment committee and executive turnover.

We are inspired by all the good work our institutional clients do, and are proud to play a key role in helping them fund their important missions.

Serving institutions that help people is very fulfilling to us. It allows us to participate in the well-being of the community.