Articles about financial transitions

Over the last fifty years, life styles and life spans have changed dramatically. Anne Bedinger recognizes the new issues, challenges, needs, and opportunities those create for her clients. She has invested significant time and effort in achieving Financial Transitionist® certification through the Sudden Money Institute (SMI) to better serve clients through the several transitions that may occur in their lives.

Here is a list of potential transitions and related SMI articles that put them in perspective.

Financial Transitions - Advisors with a Dog
During Life Transitions, it helps to stop play with a happy dog.
    • Divorce / widowhood / remarriage
    • Financial windfalls such as a large inheritance, business contract, lottery winnings, insurance payouts. Preparation for the receipt of the money is a major factor in how well it is integrated into the recipient’s life.
  • Leaving a legacy
    • Creating Your Living Legacy Project: The Sudden Money® Institute recognizes that we all have three legacies: past, present and future. As a result WWG has access to their process and protocols for acknowledging and honoring the those legacies that are especially relevant during times of transition.

Tune in below to hear Anne Bedinger discuss the wealth and wellness financial journey as a guest of the Sudden Money Insights Podcast hosted by Susan Bradley.

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