• Year-End Financial Planning Tips
    With 2017 quickly winding down, take time to sit with a financial professional and review. Here are some conversation-starters.

  • 529 Plans for More Than College Education
    529 Plan is a tax-deferred tool for transferring wealth between generations, primarily for funding a college education. The most common source of funds for a 529 Plan is the parents of the prospective student. There are considerable estate planning benefits that may entice grandparents as well.

  • Social Security for Affluent Retirees
    How and when to begin taking Social Security benefits is a significant financial decision when approaching retirement. The starting age determines the amount of the monthly benefit, outside income may cause benefit withholding or subject the payments to taxation, and longevity will determine the total amount received.

  • Financial Planning After Divorce
    Divorce is a difficult process – even under the best of conditions. The most pressing issue is to complete the separation from the former spouse. Change passwords – everywhere. Don’t leave financial, email or social media accounts open to abuse by someone who may be feeling aggrieved. The next step is to adjust the financial plans to reflect the new reality.

  • Firearms Owners Need a Gun Trust
    Firearms are heavily regulated articles of personal property. Although most firearms owners are well-versed regarding applicable statutes related to their own collection, there is a much bigger picture to consider in sharing, gifting and transferring this property. Many owners commit accidental felonies without even knowing it. This may be a blind spot for attorneys when dealing with clients who own firearms.

  • The Financial Markets in a Post-Election World (1/6/2017)
    After a very contentious election season, Republican Donald J. Trump was confirmed as the next President of the United States. Once the dust settled from the highly-charged rhetoric of the campaigns to the calm of acceptance and concession speeches, the realization of another orderly transfer of power may bolster investor confidence.

  • Making Estate Lemonade with Annuity Lemons (9/21/2016)
    Many people own annuities for a variety of reasons. Unfortunately, they come with an unwanted feature... high taxes on distributions. There are solutions to the tax problem that will help retirement income and preserve an estate legacy.